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Why Sorsogon is Now a Top Tourist Destination?

Subic "Pink" Beach Matnog Sorsogon
When visiting Bicol, one should never forget setting foot at Sorsogon. This province has so many natural wonders to offer to its tourists. The unspoiled beaches, picture-perfect landscape, and the famous whale shark interaction are just some of the things you can find in this magnificent place. 

Discover the Pristine Beaches of Sorsogon

Why go anywhere else when you can also feast your eyes on the beautiful beaches of Sorsogon? Unlike the commercialized beaches of Boracay, the beaches of the province give you deep blue waters and unspoiled surroundings. Nature at its very best is the main reason why Sorsogon is one of the top Bicol destinations today. There is no better way to spend your summer than by heading to the famous beaches of the province. Among the top 10 places that are worth your visit include the Dancalan Beach, Rizal Beach, Paguriran Island, Tolong-Gapo Beach, and the Libanon Beach. All these take pride in their unspoiled beaches and world-class beauty. Luxurious accommodation can’t be found here but your basic needs such as accommodation are catered. 

These beaches are the very reason why tourist arrivals continue to rise in the province. So if you are already fed up with your usual beach destination, you should put Sorsogon on your top destination.  The province has awesome places to visit and offers wonderful experiences for local and foreign tourists. 

Apart from its enthralling beaches, Sorsogon has other destinations and adventures to offer. The Mt. Bulusan Natural Park is perfect for your eco-tourism getaway. The nature park has adventure walks that allow you to appreciate the green and lush landscape of the forests. This also paves way to you feasting on the mountain lake in the midst of the forested volcano slopes.  This is definitely the ultimate dream of every nature lover once they behold the wondrous nature of the province.

Other top destinations in Sorsogon:

•Lola Sayong’s Surf Camp in Gubat
•Tropical Hot Spring Paradise in Irosin 
•Subic “Pink” Beach in Matnog
•Juag Lagoon Marine Sanctuary in Matnog

Complete Adventure for Tourists

Since Sorsogon is rich in beaches, exciting adventures and activities are also offered. Scuba diving, snorkeling, surfing, island-hopping, and swimming are the activities that will make your vacation a lot worthwhile. Island-hopping to the different islands of Matnog features pink sand beaches and underwater caves. And of course, the world-renowned Whale Shark Interaction in Donsol is still the number one hit when visiting the province. After all, Sorsogon is dubbed as the Whale Shark Capital of the World so this adventure is one thing you should never forget. 

Visiting Sorsogon also includes taking a glimpse of its rich culture and heritage. You can pay a visit to its century-old Spanish churches, old houses, monuments, shipyard ports and other historical places. 

Enjoy Local Festivals and Sumptuous Cuisine

When visiting during the month of October, you can also take part in the Kasanggayahan Festival of Sorsogon City. This features the famous Pantomina sa Tinampo or the love-dance in the streets. Meanwhile, the Pili Festival is held every month of June that pays homage to the many uses of the pili tree. 

Sorsoganons are also proud of their sumptuous cuisine like the very famous Bicol Express. Other Sorsogon specialties also include boiled crabs and lobsters, raw fish fillets soaked in vinegar and chili and a lot more. 

Are these enough to entice your interest? Pack your bags now and head to Sorsogon to have the most wonderful vacation. The top 10 tourist spot in Sorsogon will surely give you a unique but exciting and memorable experience.

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Camarines Norte’s Tourist Spots: Beautiful Beaches, Historical Sites and Festivals

Are you still planning your next adventure? If yes, why not include Camarines Norte in your itinerary?
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Quick Facts About Camarines Norte

Camarines Norte is the very first province of the Bicol region after passing Quezon province when going south. It boasts of mountains, hills, lush and fertile fields, and is considered to have the richest coastlines in the country. The province is blessed with all the wonders of nature hence becoming it a favorite tourist destination of people who love to commune with the God-given creation. Due to its rich natural resources, the province serves as the habitat of natural wildlife such as the endangered Philippine Eagle. 

The rich soil of the province has produced large quantities of agricultural products such as rice, coconut, vegetables, pineapple, abaca and a whole lot more. Camarines Norte is not only rich in crops and agricultural products as it also produces first-class seafood and marine products that are brought to Manila and other neighboring provinces. Apart from these, there is also a large volume of mineral deposits like gold, limestone, silver, lead, iron and a lot more. The economy and trade is concentrated at Daet, the province’s capital. 

Gold mining and pineapple plantation serves as the major livelihood of the people. During the Spanish colonization, the Spaniards have explored the rich gold mining potential of the province. Up to now, Mambulao and Paracale still showcase great gold deposit hence making it the province’s signature industry. 

Pineapple Festival and More…

Camarines Norte through its fertile soils is blessed to have a huge pineapple plantation. To pay tribute to the big contribution of pineapples to the province’s economy, Camarines Norte holds a yearly celebration of the Pineapple Festival. A week-long celebration during the month of May showcases street dancers coming from the 12 towns in the province in their pineapple-inspired costumes. Stalls of sweet pineapples abound the province hence making it easy for tourists to buy the famous Camarines Norte fruit. 

Historical Sites to Visit in Cam Norte

Historical sites are the main attraction among locals and tourists. Near the Provincial Capitol of Daet, you will find the very first monument of the Philippine National Hero, Jose Rizal. The monument was unveiled Dec. 30, 1898 through the contributions of the people led by two revolutionary armies, Ildefonso Alegre and Antonio Sanz. A few steps away from the monument is another shrine that pays tribute to the martyrs of the April 14-18, 1898 Spanish revolution. During those times, many Filipinos were tortured, killed and imprisoned.  Other shrines that can be found at Camarines Norte are The Rufino Pabico Ancestral Shrine, The Wenceslao q. Vinzons Shrine, The Jose Panganiban Shrine, and Capalonga Shrine, to name a few. 

Wander in the Pristine and Beautiful Beaches of Cam Norte

Foreign travelers and locals swarm the beach come summer season. A few kilometers away from Daet is the renowned Bagasbas Beach. Surfers from all parts of the country and the world are enthralled with its huge waves, clean water, and hospitable people. The beach has a long strip of restaurants and resorts in order to accommodate the growing number of tourists. The Mangcamagong Beach is perfect for family outings for its unspoiled beaches and peaceful ambiance. 

Meanwhile, the Calaguas Group of Islands prides of its white beaches and coral reefs. The long stretch of powdery white sand in Mahabang Buhangin is one of the favorite destinations of tourists in the island. You can go swimming, snorkeling, diving, or just relax and enjoy the beauty of nature by setting your tent along the shore.

Mystical waterfalls are also present in the province. The Colasi, Mananap, Malatap and Binnauaang Falls offer panoramic views that are also ideal for picnics and outings. 

With Camarines Norte’s natural wonders, historical places, and pristine beaches, you should not forget to include it in your top tourist spots to visit in the Philippines

Wednesday, December 10

Vigan's New 7 Wonder Cities of the World Title Makes It an Interesting Tourist Destination

Tourist spots in Vigan, Ilocos Sur
Vigan's inclusion in the New 7 Wonder Cities of the World opens more opportunity for the city.  As an World Heritage site, it deserve to have this new title. It will attract more foreign and local tourists and make the city a more interesting place to visit.

Aside from its rich and strong cultural heritage, the city boasts of  other great sites and places that are exciting to explore. Here are some of them:

Calle Crisologo.  Explore the cobble-stoned street of Calle Crisologo with its Spanish period ancestral houses. You can also ride a calesa (horse-drawn carriage)  to wander around the area.

Calle Quirino. Visit the Syquia Mansion where President Elpidio Quirino, the 6th President of the Philippines, lived. The mansion is a must-see if you visit Vigan. It's high ceiling rooms, wood carvings, country lasses, oriental porcelain, and antique wooden furniture will not only bring you to the past but also let you wonder on its timeless beauty.

Mestizo River tour. Take a cruise at the Mestizo river where Vigan natives traded with the Chinese during the pre-colonial times. The cruise will take you to important spots where life-sized dioramas are built. You can also see Vigan's rich biodiversity through the river tour.

Century-old Churches. Another landmark in the city is the Vigan Cathedral (Saint Paul Metropolitan Cathedral). It was built on April 30, 1575 by Augustinians in honor of Saint Paul. You should also include in your itinerary the St. Augustine Parish Church in Bantay. It has a stunning bell tower that stands on a hill and houses the oldest Marian image in the province.

There are other great tourists spots in Vigan that you can explore. The next time you visit Ilocos Sur, don't  forget Vigan in your itinerary.

Thursday, June 26

Why Boracay is Still the Best Tourist Destination in the Philippines

The Philippines is known for its many tourist spots. But the best known tourist destination is the four-square-mile island Boracay. It is one of the best tourist spots in the Philippines, popular for its white-sand beaches peppered with shops, restaurants, bars, and other places to spend summertime in.

Meanwhile, Boracay’s main tourism area, the White Beach, lies on the west coast. There are other three sections that compose its seven-kilometer powdery shoreline. The northern section, station 1, boasts its pricey but prime hotels and resorts. Station 2, at the center, is very popular place to dine, party, and shop. People who love peace and total relaxation may stay in station 3, which lies in the southern part.

Because of Boracay’s unique allure, tourists keep returning to this island paradise. Apart from the usual seawater-dipping and lying on the sand while basking under the sun, the opportunities of fun and relaxation are endless in Boracay’s wonderful tourist spots. Plus, there are always places ideal for everyone—whether you are a family looking for a budget-friendly vacation or a foreign tourist who is in for a luxurious treatment.

Boracay Beaches: Some of the Best Beaches in the World

Apart from the White Beach, the island has other remarkable beaches, too. The same powdery sand—the most prominent feature of Boracay—cover all these beaches, making the island one of the most idyllic tourist spots worldwide. It has also around twenty-five dive sites and water-sporting areas.

One of the famous tourist destinations in the area is the eight-hundred-meter Yapak Beach, or Puka Shell Beach, which is named after the white puka shells used as jewelry.

Among the tranquil tourist spots and best snorkeling sites are the Din-iwid Beach (a good picnic site) and the tiny Balinghai Beach. The Ilig-Iligan Beach has woodland, coves, and caves, all inhabited by tree-dwelling fruit bats. And like most other Boracay beaches, it is good for snorkeling, fishing, swimming, and picnicking.

In the Bulabog Beach, which lies on the east coast, strong winds blow continually, making it a perfect destination for windsurfers and kiteboarders. Also ideal for surfers is the Manoc-Manoc Beach, whose aggressive currents and winds can reach up to six knots.

With these varied beaches, tourists are ensured that Boracay is a tourist destination with virtually no shortage of activities!

Island Dining: Local and Foreign Cuisine Perfect for Every Tourist

Whether you are looking for a simple meal or for a gourmet experience, Boracay’s more than two hundred restaurants will surely satisfy your culinary cravings.

Traditional Filipino food is always ready to be served in Boracay, like most other tourist spots in the Philippines. But with multicultural tourists, the island provides a wide range of cuisine, too. Among the European dishes served are French, German, Greek, Portuguese, Spanish, Swiss, and Italian.

Chinese, Indian, Japanese, Korean, and Thai restaurants are ready to dish up Asian recipes. American or Mexican dining is also available. It also has outdoor cafes, delis, confectioneries and bakeries, and wet markets selling fresh seafood and seasonal fruits. Indeed, Boracay is a not just one of your usual tourist spots—it’s also a bowl of surprises!

Great Nightlife and Total Relaxation

After the day activities and as the sun sets, the bars and pubs offer a taste of the island paradise nightlife. Live bands and liquors, beer, and ales keep this tourist destination alive throughout the evening. But if the pounding disco music is too bothersome, one may indulge in a massage by the beach or at one of the spas.

Whichever way tourists choose to end their day, they are promised more excitement the next day! 

After all, Boracay is the best tourist destination in the Philippines.

Friday, November 30

Cebu: Another Top Tourist Destination for Local and Foreign Tourists

Cebu tourist destination

Having a well-relaxed quality vacation and adventure need not be expensive. With the majority of people relying on the Internet, they can now find affordable travel options from online providers of travel and tour packages. But sometimes the choosing is a little bit difficult especially if you have limited information about the tourist spots being offered in the packages.

Whether you’re from the Philippines or a foreign tourist, one great place that we can recommend is Cebu. But what you should expect from this famous Philippine tourist destination? Please read on and find out.

What to Expect from the Queen City?

One of the great places in the Philippines which are ideal for vacation is Cebu. Known as the “Queen City” and second largest city in the Philippines, the growing metropolitan area of Cebu offers the conveniences that a modern city provides. Cebu continuously draws more and more tourists every year.

Among the favourite Cebu tourist destinations are the amazing white sand beaches, historical sites which reflects the birth of Asian Christianity, and many famous travel spots that makes the place the Philippines’ hub for trade, industry, and tourism.

Great Beaches and Adventures in Cebu

Having a vacation in Cebu also lets diving enthusiasts and beach lovers experience awesome adventure activity. Cebu’s rich marine life and blue waters are best for scuba diving, snorkelling, banana boat riding and other fun and adventurous beach and water activity.

The lush mountains, hills and forest reserves also provide the best trekking escapade for forest trekkers. Culture and art enthusiasts can also experience the rich history of Cebu from visiting ancestral houses and century-old churches. They can learn traditional dances and listen to Cebuano music.

Cebu Famous Landmarks

Some of Cebu’s famous landmarks include the Magellan’s Cross that was brought to the place in 1521; Fort San Pedro, which took 200 years to finish and is considered as the Philippines’ smallest and oldest fortress built in 1565.

Other popular places to visit in Cebu include the Lapu-Lapu Monument, Colon Street, Mandaue-Mactan Bridge, and Liloan Lighthouse.

Easy Access to Tourist Spots

Getting to the place and experience the tourist spots in Cebu can be done by plane or sea. Numerous direct flights are accommodated daily by Mactan-Cebu International Airport with domestic flights to and from local cities like Manila, Cagayan de Oro, Zamboanga, Bacolod and other nearby cities in the country.

It also provides international flights to and from different countries in Asia like Hong Kong, Singapore and Korea. The airport also has scheduled flights to China, Taiwan, Japan, Malaysia and Qatar, and seasonal charter flights to United States, Russia and other nations.

Cebu City also has the busiest port in the Philippines where almost 80% of the passenger vessels in the country is located. It includes large passenger ferries that can accommodate 2,000­ – 4,000 passengers coming from Manila, Davao and other distant route places; medium-sized vessels that provides nearer travel destination; and transport ferries that provides fast service to and from islands near Cebu.

Hotels located in Cebu also offer affordable accommodation for every type of travellers whether they are in the place for business, leisure or on a family vacation.

A Great Place for Tourists Longing for Total Relaxation

From eating or dining in popular restaurants that provides mouth-watering dishes, shopping for souvenirs and antiques, visiting famous locations, to having a great night life, travellers and tourists can always experience a relaxing vacation they truly deserve in Cebu.