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Albay: Mayon Volcano, World Class Resorts, Festivals and More Tourists Spots

Mayon Volcano and other Tourist spots in Albay
Around 538 kilometers southeast of Manila, the enchanting Mayon Volcano proudly stands. Albay, where Mayon is located, is a lush province that offers picturesque sceneries, sumptuous Albayano cuisine, crystal-clean and beautiful beaches and many other natural wonders. Other adrenaline pumping activities and exotic adventures can also be enjoyed by both locals and tourists. All these and more you will find in Albay.

The Rich History of Albay

Her name was formerly known as Ibalon before Juan de Salcedo discovered the place in 1573. In 1616, the Sawangan mangrove swamp settlement was later on called Albaybay (which means “by the bay”). Come 1846, the islands of Masbate, Ticao, and Burias separated from Albay in order to form a comandancia. This then divided Albay into four districts: Cordillera or Tabaco, Sorsogon, Catanduanes, and Iraya. In 1984, Sorsogon became another province and Catanduanes in 1945. The momentous date of March 10, 1917 was the day when the Province of Albay was created.

Feel the Beauty of Nature with Mayon Volcano

Mayon Volcano, which proves to be the bane and boon of the province has erupted more than 40 times over the last two centuries but still garner the appreciation of tourists for its grandeur and beauty. This towering volcano rises at 2,463 meters above sea level. Many have been mesmerized by the enchanting beauty of cone-shaped volcano hence making it as a tourist spot and the most famous volcano around the globe. To appreciate the full of view and learn the history of Mayon, the Cagsawa Ruins is the best place to go.

Albay has more offerings than Mayon Volcano. Discover other scenic spots in the bustling towns and cities. The warm hospitality of the Albayanos further makes Albay as one of the top tourist destinations in the Bicol region.

Other Tourist Spots in Albay

Other place to visit while in Albay is the Lignon Hill, a 143-meter high hill located at about 11 kilometers of the volcano’s summit. For years, the hill houses the Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology for Mayon monitoring and observation. Now, the local government of Legazpi has transformed this hill to Lignon Hill Nature Park to be one of the province’s top tourist spots.

Tourists can surely behold the panoramic view of Legazpi City, Daraga, and the famous Mayon Volcano. Aside from the picture-perfect views, the Lignon Hill Nature Park offers exhilarating activities that are perfect for adventure-seekers. The park has many adventures to offer and the most sought after is the Ziplining or the sliding through cables. Rappelling can also be enjoyed in this place. Lava trekking and airsoft enthusiasts can also enjoy their favorite past time here.

World Class Beach Resort at Misibis

Now, Albay has another offer to its tourists who want to enjoy white sand beaches and untainted nature through the Misibis Resort. Guests can splurge on luxurious amenities that spell of comfort, security and pure enjoyment and relaxation. The resort boasts of an infinity pool, main pool, kiddie pool, play pool areas and the poolside bar. Visitors also have the chance to commune with nature through its 100-hectare eco-trail. Different species of flora and fauna can be viewed at Misibis.

Other beach resorts can also be found at Bacacay and Sto. Domingo. These resorts offer luxury and enjoyment at an affordable price. The Province of Albay is also blessed with refreshing waterfalls. The best getaway for tourists who wants to experience adventure and nature.

The Magayon Festival in Albay

Another good thing about Albay is its rich culture and exciting history. To pay homage to its roots, the Province of Albay celebrates a month-long celebration every April. The Magayon Festival is inspired by the famous legend of the Daragang Magayon, a tragic on the origin of Mayon Volcano. The festival which starts every April 10 and ends in May 10 is highlighted by colorful street presentations and daily events. The festival features the best of the province including its top tourist destinations, scrumptious cuisine, famous Albayano products, and a whole lot more.

Indeed, Albay is more than just Mayon Volcano. Discover other Albay destinations and its treasures that truly make the province a tourist spot and a great place to visit.

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