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Tourist Spots in Puerto Galera: First-Class Beach Resorts and Adventures

Puerto Galera beaches, diving, sea adventures and other tourist spots
Puerto Galera Beaches and Tourist Spots
 With a relaxing view of the sparkling seas bounded by mountains, Puerto Galera rises as one of the amazing vacation destination in the Philippines. This tourist spot has beautifully developed beach resorts. Spaniards first discovered the Y-shaped peninsula of Puerto Galera in the 16th century. Back then, trade ships owned by the Spaniards used the place as a safe haven during typhoons and storms.

World Class Resorts of Puerto Galera

From having a backyard tourism wherein locals offer foreign and local tourist a place to stay-in, Puerto Galera has now become a booming tourism industry. By developing their stunning beaches into world-class resorts, the island became one of the best tourist destination spot in the world. Through this, several facilities have been established in the Puerto like hotels, resorts and restaurants to accommodate and cater to every need of the tourists for a relaxing getaway.

Puerto Galera is the home of exotic and beautiful beaches, wildlife, diving spots, active volcanoes, rich marine culture, and several cultural and historic sites.

Puerto Galera is one of the main reasons why more foreign travelers choose Philippines to spend their vacation. With the shimmering and crystal clear water as the island’s main attraction, local travelers and even foreign guests considers Puerto Galera as their favorite tourist spot in Mindoro province.

Undiscovered Beautiful Beaches

The beaches in Puerto Galera have powder white to grainy dark colored sand. The island has a total of around 32 beaches, which means that Puerto Galera offers many different beach options to select from.

According to the Department of Tourism, Puerto Galera’s number of resorts is recorded at 115, yet pockets of virtually and isolated beaches and coves which are tucked between formations of massive rocks are still untouched. This means that many beaches in Puerto Galera are still in its pristine condition.

Total Sea Adventures in Puerto Galera

The clear sea surrounding the magnificent island is ideal for sailing, surfing, swimming, scuba diving and snorkeling. Many dive and resort centers are also within reach with the latest available diving gear and supported by international team of diving instructors who provides beginner diving courses to instructor level.

Beach lovers who doesn’t have a great skill in diving can also have a glimpse of the marine life, for within a kilometer away from the coastline, schools of frog fish, trumpet fish, leaf fish and lion fish can be found weaving in and out of flourishing sea anemones and corals. Resting on the sand floor are also species of starfish like the speckled red and white starfish to the neon blue starfish.

Aside from diving, the place is also perfect for beach sports like volleyball, tossing Frisbees, beach hopping, kayaking, or windsurfing. Nature lovers can also have an exciting trekking or rock climbing adventure in the lush mountains of the island which is home to many flora and fauna, hidden valleys, waterfalls and streams.

Other Interesting Tourist Spots in Puerto Galera

Other tourist spots found in Puerto Galera are the Tamaraw Waterfalls, the indigenous natives of Mangyan Village, Muelle Bay, and Alag Riverbank. If you are foreign tourist, visiting Puerto Galera is easy once you arrive in Metro Manila.

You only need to drive through Southern Luzon Expressway, get to Batangas Pier and ride a ferry boat heading to Puerto Galera. And you can now experience one of the best places in the Philippines.

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