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Cebu: Another Top Tourist Destination for Local and Foreign Tourists

Cebu tourist destination

Having a well-relaxed quality vacation and adventure need not be expensive. With the majority of people relying on the Internet, they can now find affordable travel options from online providers of travel and tour packages. But sometimes the choosing is a little bit difficult especially if you have limited information about the tourist spots being offered in the packages.

Whether you’re from the Philippines or a foreign tourist, one great place that we can recommend is Cebu. But what you should expect from this famous Philippine tourist destination? Please read on and find out.

What to Expect from the Queen City?

One of the great places in the Philippines which are ideal for vacation is Cebu. Known as the “Queen City” and second largest city in the Philippines, the growing metropolitan area of Cebu offers the conveniences that a modern city provides. Cebu continuously draws more and more tourists every year.

Among the favourite Cebu tourist destinations are the amazing white sand beaches, historical sites which reflects the birth of Asian Christianity, and many famous travel spots that makes the place the Philippines’ hub for trade, industry, and tourism.

Great Beaches and Adventures in Cebu

Having a vacation in Cebu also lets diving enthusiasts and beach lovers experience awesome adventure activity. Cebu’s rich marine life and blue waters are best for scuba diving, snorkelling, banana boat riding and other fun and adventurous beach and water activity.

The lush mountains, hills and forest reserves also provide the best trekking escapade for forest trekkers. Culture and art enthusiasts can also experience the rich history of Cebu from visiting ancestral houses and century-old churches. They can learn traditional dances and listen to Cebuano music.

Cebu Famous Landmarks

Some of Cebu’s famous landmarks include the Magellan’s Cross that was brought to the place in 1521; Fort San Pedro, which took 200 years to finish and is considered as the Philippines’ smallest and oldest fortress built in 1565.

Other popular places to visit in Cebu include the Lapu-Lapu Monument, Colon Street, Mandaue-Mactan Bridge, and Liloan Lighthouse.

Easy Access to Tourist Spots

Getting to the place and experience the tourist spots in Cebu can be done by plane or sea. Numerous direct flights are accommodated daily by Mactan-Cebu International Airport with domestic flights to and from local cities like Manila, Cagayan de Oro, Zamboanga, Bacolod and other nearby cities in the country.

It also provides international flights to and from different countries in Asia like Hong Kong, Singapore and Korea. The airport also has scheduled flights to China, Taiwan, Japan, Malaysia and Qatar, and seasonal charter flights to United States, Russia and other nations.

Cebu City also has the busiest port in the Philippines where almost 80% of the passenger vessels in the country is located. It includes large passenger ferries that can accommodate 2,000­ – 4,000 passengers coming from Manila, Davao and other distant route places; medium-sized vessels that provides nearer travel destination; and transport ferries that provides fast service to and from islands near Cebu.

Hotels located in Cebu also offer affordable accommodation for every type of travellers whether they are in the place for business, leisure or on a family vacation.

A Great Place for Tourists Longing for Total Relaxation

From eating or dining in popular restaurants that provides mouth-watering dishes, shopping for souvenirs and antiques, visiting famous locations, to having a great night life, travellers and tourists can always experience a relaxing vacation they truly deserve in Cebu.

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