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Camarines Norte’s Tourist Spots: Beautiful Beaches, Historical Sites and Festivals

Are you still planning your next adventure? If yes, why not include Camarines Norte in your itinerary?
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Quick Facts About Camarines Norte

Camarines Norte is the very first province of the Bicol region after passing Quezon province when going south. It boasts of mountains, hills, lush and fertile fields, and is considered to have the richest coastlines in the country. The province is blessed with all the wonders of nature hence becoming it a favorite tourist destination of people who love to commune with the God-given creation. Due to its rich natural resources, the province serves as the habitat of natural wildlife such as the endangered Philippine Eagle. 

The rich soil of the province has produced large quantities of agricultural products such as rice, coconut, vegetables, pineapple, abaca and a whole lot more. Camarines Norte is not only rich in crops and agricultural products as it also produces first-class seafood and marine products that are brought to Manila and other neighboring provinces. Apart from these, there is also a large volume of mineral deposits like gold, limestone, silver, lead, iron and a lot more. The economy and trade is concentrated at Daet, the province’s capital. 

Gold mining and pineapple plantation serves as the major livelihood of the people. During the Spanish colonization, the Spaniards have explored the rich gold mining potential of the province. Up to now, Mambulao and Paracale still showcase great gold deposit hence making it the province’s signature industry. 

Pineapple Festival and More…

Camarines Norte through its fertile soils is blessed to have a huge pineapple plantation. To pay tribute to the big contribution of pineapples to the province’s economy, Camarines Norte holds a yearly celebration of the Pineapple Festival. A week-long celebration during the month of May showcases street dancers coming from the 12 towns in the province in their pineapple-inspired costumes. Stalls of sweet pineapples abound the province hence making it easy for tourists to buy the famous Camarines Norte fruit. 

Historical Sites to Visit in Cam Norte

Historical sites are the main attraction among locals and tourists. Near the Provincial Capitol of Daet, you will find the very first monument of the Philippine National Hero, Jose Rizal. The monument was unveiled Dec. 30, 1898 through the contributions of the people led by two revolutionary armies, Ildefonso Alegre and Antonio Sanz. A few steps away from the monument is another shrine that pays tribute to the martyrs of the April 14-18, 1898 Spanish revolution. During those times, many Filipinos were tortured, killed and imprisoned.  Other shrines that can be found at Camarines Norte are The Rufino Pabico Ancestral Shrine, The Wenceslao q. Vinzons Shrine, The Jose Panganiban Shrine, and Capalonga Shrine, to name a few. 

Wander in the Pristine and Beautiful Beaches of Cam Norte

Foreign travelers and locals swarm the beach come summer season. A few kilometers away from Daet is the renowned Bagasbas Beach. Surfers from all parts of the country and the world are enthralled with its huge waves, clean water, and hospitable people. The beach has a long strip of restaurants and resorts in order to accommodate the growing number of tourists. The Mangcamagong Beach is perfect for family outings for its unspoiled beaches and peaceful ambiance. 

Meanwhile, the Calaguas Group of Islands prides of its white beaches and coral reefs. The long stretch of powdery white sand in Mahabang Buhangin is one of the favorite destinations of tourists in the island. You can go swimming, snorkeling, diving, or just relax and enjoy the beauty of nature by setting your tent along the shore.

Mystical waterfalls are also present in the province. The Colasi, Mananap, Malatap and Binnauaang Falls offer panoramic views that are also ideal for picnics and outings. 

With Camarines Norte’s natural wonders, historical places, and pristine beaches, you should not forget to include it in your top tourist spots to visit in the Philippines

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