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Why Boracay is Still the Best Tourist Destination in the Philippines

The Philippines is known for its many tourist spots. But the best known tourist destination is the four-square-mile island Boracay. It is one of the best tourist spots in the Philippines, popular for its white-sand beaches peppered with shops, restaurants, bars, and other places to spend summertime in.

Meanwhile, Boracay’s main tourism area, the White Beach, lies on the west coast. There are other three sections that compose its seven-kilometer powdery shoreline. The northern section, station 1, boasts its pricey but prime hotels and resorts. Station 2, at the center, is very popular place to dine, party, and shop. People who love peace and total relaxation may stay in station 3, which lies in the southern part.

Because of Boracay’s unique allure, tourists keep returning to this island paradise. Apart from the usual seawater-dipping and lying on the sand while basking under the sun, the opportunities of fun and relaxation are endless in Boracay’s wonderful tourist spots. Plus, there are always places ideal for everyone—whether you are a family looking for a budget-friendly vacation or a foreign tourist who is in for a luxurious treatment.

Boracay Beaches: Some of the Best Beaches in the World

Apart from the White Beach, the island has other remarkable beaches, too. The same powdery sand—the most prominent feature of Boracay—cover all these beaches, making the island one of the most idyllic tourist spots worldwide. It has also around twenty-five dive sites and water-sporting areas.

One of the famous tourist destinations in the area is the eight-hundred-meter Yapak Beach, or Puka Shell Beach, which is named after the white puka shells used as jewelry.

Among the tranquil tourist spots and best snorkeling sites are the Din-iwid Beach (a good picnic site) and the tiny Balinghai Beach. The Ilig-Iligan Beach has woodland, coves, and caves, all inhabited by tree-dwelling fruit bats. And like most other Boracay beaches, it is good for snorkeling, fishing, swimming, and picnicking.

In the Bulabog Beach, which lies on the east coast, strong winds blow continually, making it a perfect destination for windsurfers and kiteboarders. Also ideal for surfers is the Manoc-Manoc Beach, whose aggressive currents and winds can reach up to six knots.

With these varied beaches, tourists are ensured that Boracay is a tourist destination with virtually no shortage of activities!

Island Dining: Local and Foreign Cuisine Perfect for Every Tourist

Whether you are looking for a simple meal or for a gourmet experience, Boracay’s more than two hundred restaurants will surely satisfy your culinary cravings.

Traditional Filipino food is always ready to be served in Boracay, like most other tourist spots in the Philippines. But with multicultural tourists, the island provides a wide range of cuisine, too. Among the European dishes served are French, German, Greek, Portuguese, Spanish, Swiss, and Italian.

Chinese, Indian, Japanese, Korean, and Thai restaurants are ready to dish up Asian recipes. American or Mexican dining is also available. It also has outdoor cafes, delis, confectioneries and bakeries, and wet markets selling fresh seafood and seasonal fruits. Indeed, Boracay is a not just one of your usual tourist spots—it’s also a bowl of surprises!

Great Nightlife and Total Relaxation

After the day activities and as the sun sets, the bars and pubs offer a taste of the island paradise nightlife. Live bands and liquors, beer, and ales keep this tourist destination alive throughout the evening. But if the pounding disco music is too bothersome, one may indulge in a massage by the beach or at one of the spas.

Whichever way tourists choose to end their day, they are promised more excitement the next day! 

After all, Boracay is the best tourist destination in the Philippines.

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