Monday, April 28

First Stop: Boracay Island, Home of Beautiful Beaches

Boracay is known for its white beaches, one of the best beaches in the world. It is located in th northwest tip of the Panay Island, Philippines. It is 7.5 km long and 2km. wide.The powdery White Sand Beach (which take up most of the western side of the island) is where most of tourist go. The island has grown into an international tourist hub with 20 dive sites, scores of bars and restaurants, native tattoo parlours, banks, and other amenities. There is also a Tourist Center that also serves as a souvenir shop and an airline reservation center.

Some of the common activities that you can do in Boracay beaches are snorkeling, diving, sailing, golfing, sunbathing, picnics, or simply enjoy nature at its best. There are more tourist spots in Boracay.

So if youre planning your next vacation in the Philippines, Boracay should be in your priority in the checklist.

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