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Palawan Subterranean River: An Ultimate Tourist Destination to See

Palawan Subterranean River: Tourist Destination
There’s a little bit of everything in Palawan. White sand beaches, coves, beautifully preserved coastal rainforest, well-developed wild life parks plus the spectacular festivities. Indeed, what a place to be.

Amongst the tourist destinations in Palawan and one of the most visited place is the Palawenoes utmost pride, the Puerto Princesa Subterranean River. An enchanting Philippine tourist destination bestowed with magnificent features. The famous tourist spot is indeed an ultimate underground river journey for every adventurer willing to get a closer encounter with nature.

This world renowned Philippine tourist destination is a place that will surely capture your heart with its splendid beauty and excellent scenic spot. Palawan Underground River is nature’s wonderful gift that has made the Filipinos proud by being a finalist for the New Seven Wonders of the World.   

Situated in the peaceful village of Sabang, the Underground River is two-hour drive from Puerto Princesa. Travelers will enjoy the long journey as they will pass by the breathtaking coastal scenery including a jungle-backed beach located north of the Poyuy-Poyuy River.

The underground river journeys you through an 8.2 kilometers of remarkably gigantic limestone formations that resembles religious like images. The mystique figures that the stalagmites and stalactites had formed are genuinely impressive. It is a magnificent piece of art bestowed by nature to mankind.

The tour on the river is totally a surreal experience. The paddled boat navigates inside the river for more or less 45 minutes. The boat moves forward constantly, and the figures of the rock formations are seen with a precise angle of view. Tour groups are allowed only to explore a part of the river around 1.5km, beyond that you have to secure a special permit from the city government of Palawan. 

The humorous and entertaining bangkeros are added joy to the trip while visiting such a beautiful tourist spot destination. They will surely bring smile to your face as they would regard each chamber as different rooms and each piece of image with their own names. These boat men are natives of Palawan. They secure the safety and enjoyment of every tourist while experiencing serene beauty of the underground river. 

The marble and limestone rocky mountains covered with lush tropical rain forest comprises the land forms surrounding the Palawan River Park is one delightful sight. Preservation of the natural features of the tourist spot that may soon belong to the New Seven Wonders of the World, had been given much importance by the government officials of Palawan, Philippines.

Registered in the UNESCO’s list of Natural World Heritage Sites, the tourist destination is now regarded as Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park. Through this, Palawenoes are all complied to work toward the preservation of the river and Palawan’s biodiversity for the future generations to still enjoy the enchanting beauty of this tourist destination in the Philippines. 

A chance to experience nature's paradise is truly a priceless moment you will remember throughout your life. Palawan subterranean river will give you a thrill of wanting to explore more of God's work and preserve it just how God magically made it. Visit the Puerto Princesa Underground River and experience the tropical bliss of nature.

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