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Philippine Tourist Destination to Surf and Explore: Siargao Island

Best surfing destination in the Philippines: Siargao Island
Thinking about paddling out toward the waves with a surfboard? Want to enjoy the day in the sun and the breeze of the sea? With the big waves of Siargao Islands, this is definitely one of the best Philippine tourist destinations for beach lovers and surf enthusiast.

Siargao, a tear drop shaped island known for its powerful waves is now becoming a world renowned tourist spot for both surfers and adventurers.  Siargao's main tourist attractions are the magnificent and gigantic waves that invites millions of tourist around the world every year. Hailed as the surfing capital of the Philippines, Siargao is now becoming a fast rising tourist destination for both domestic and international visitors ready for the surfing adventure with the big waves.

Siargao Islands is located at the edge of the Pacific Trench where its deep water creates magnificent waves that guarantee excellent surfing conditions. It is now being considered as one of the world's great frontiers for surf exploration in the Philippines. This surfing tourist destination was featured in Surf Magazine because of its powerful wave-off which is known to be one of the five toughest breaks in the world. The Siargao island "Cloud 9" gas had been comparable to the popular surf of Australia and Hawaii.

Siargao island surfing destination is known to the international community of surfers and tourist as a first class quality break. The tourist spot is indeed a surfing paradise with its gigantic high quality marvelous waves that surfers would truly enjoy.

Every year, the provincial government of Surigao del Norte host an International surfing competition which is indeed a much awaited event to all the surfers around the globe. Held every September or October, the best month for surfing with a fine weather and big waves, it is a thrilling surfing event you would really enjoy.

Although famous as a surfing destination, there's more to explore at Siargao Islands. The unspoiled beauty of the tourist spots in Siargao islands has a lot to offer to its tourist besides it big waves. You can do diving, kayaking, snorkeling and island hoping. Siargao Island is also a great place for beach adventure. Beautiful beaches with fine white sand and crystal clear waters are true paradise for nature lovers. It is indeed one of the tourist spots in the island.

A must-see Philippine tourist destination, Siargao would surely give you a chance of a lifetime to ride to the waves and experience the thrill of surfing and explore the beauty of nature.

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Phil Grahm Salt said...

Indeed, Siargao Island is a top surfing destination that attracts not just local surfers but also foreign surfers. If this area can be developed so well, it will not be a wonder that this will be a tourist magnet in Southern Philippines.

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