Friday, January 6

Tourism Department Launched It's More Fun in the Philippines Campaign

The Department of Tourism will be launching a massive campaign to attract more tourists in the Philippines this year. The campaign dubbed as "It's More Fun in the Philippines" draws major support from the various stakeholders in the tourism industry as well as celebrities and media personalities.

Below are the slogans that will be used in international and local campaigns.

It's More Fun in the Philippines

#1 For Fun Philippines

The tourism department is expecting at least 4 million foreign tourists this year and 10 million in 2016. This will be achieved by marketing the Philippines as a more fun place to visit. Currently the country is still lagging behind its neighbors in South East Asia when it comes to the influx of foreign tourists. Proper marketing of the tourism sector has been the problem of our country. Last year, the "Pilipinas Kay Ganda" campaign was discarded because of controversies.

According to Secretary Jimenez, the new campaign is meant to become a voice for Philippine tourism and this would simply answer the basic question why tourists should come here and that is because it's more fun in the Philippines. "And the truth is that the Philippines is more than a bunch of islands and old churches, it's the fun Filipino people that complete the Philippine tourism experience, it's the people that differentiate us from other destinations," Jimenez added.

Recently, the "It's More Fun in the Philippines" slogan became a hit in social media particularly in Twitter where millions of Filipinos are users. This development was welcomed by the tourism department because every citizen will now be a part of the campaign.

The agency will also launch this first quarter more promotional activities to boost the campaign "It's more fun in the Philippines and #1 for Fun Phillipines."

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